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Harris Hosting

Our Hosting Company “Harris Hosting” is second to none in the standard website hosting arena. We offer many of the same services that other hosting companies offer with a slight difference. Our pricing is on the average lower because of the way we have set it up. Yes you can go and get a domain for 99 cents the first year. But when time for the renewal your cost will 10 be to 15 times higher than the first year price.
Our domain prices are lower than most of our competition’s renewal prices and never changes. This way you never have any surprises and always know the cost of your domains.



Mike's Hosting Plus
cPanel Hosting

Mike’s Hosting Plus is our cpanel Hosting Company. If you like total control of all the aspects of your website, cPanel hosting is the way to go. And in the long run, cPanel hosting will be more cost effective because of all the things you can do with a cPanel.

Harris Hosting and Mike’s Hosting Plus work hand in hand to provide you the best online service possible.

And in case you have never tried cPanel hosting allow us to show you a whole new world of hosting. It’s amazing.   

SEO Services
Search Engine Optimization

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