Reflector Pages

My Reflector Pages are designed to do one thing. 
Drive traffic back to my main website. 

This is a little trick I learned because when using affiliate pages it seemed the actual site owner got all the clicks accounted to his website. So no matter how hard I tried to drive my SEO higher, it was impossible because the site owner was credited for the clicks.

Now understand me, this is ok, because the site owner has really done all the hard work as far as website prep and creating pages. Me, as the affiliate, had the easy job of just driving traffic to my affiliate links. And the site owners would deliver all product sales and downloads, handle all customer service and even more. So in reality, it's a good deal. But as time progressed I had to find some sort of way to build my SEO also. So I designed Reflector Pages.

Like I said these babies have only one purpose. Drive traffic back to my main pages but these pages did something else for me. They allowed me to start getting the first clicks to my own sites and then redirect the traffic to the main affiliate pages. This allowed the whole process of sales and product delivery to continue as always. The only difference was that I was getting some of my clicks and that began to help my SEO. 

Later I started designing reflector pages for split testing, product testing, content testing and more. I could build a page just to see if a product or idea could work. This created an immediate time saver and a money saver. I build pages like these for clients to test their ideas and the cost is next to nothing when comparing designing a complete fully functional website that doesn't hit a lick. 

Listed below are just a few examples of Reflector Pages I have created. If your have an idea you are thinking about trying and need some testing done, this is the best way to do it. 

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