Mike's Hosting Plus cPanel Accounts

You get a Free Domain with our cPanel accounts that are built according to your needs.
We do this because some customers don't need all the bells and whistles while others do. 
Some customers are only running blogs or small membership sites. So, why pay for space
and add-ons you will never use. We will provide what you need today and customize 
it to fit your needs in the future. This alone will save you money.

We have 4 plans that will fit your needs. Plan descriptions are below for an example of what 
your cPanel will be like. But again, these are only examples because your package will be

We provide a free domain name but if you have a domain you want to use, no problem. 

You can use our cPanels for any and all types of websites you desire and the cpanel give
you the ultimate control over every aspect of your website. 

We do an interview with you to find out what you need. Then we put the cPanel package
together and we allow you to make the final decision. 

Our up-time is 99% and we will be there to help you along the way. 
We have our own dedicated servers so your sites will never have to share webspace.

We have a 100% satisfaction Guarantee on our cPanels and we strive to help your business grow. 

Mike's Hosting Plus is the sister site to contact-me.co which is our more traditional website
hosting and operates hand in hand to provide for all of your web hosting needs.

So, whatever your online needs are, we believe and know that we can and will accommodate your
needs at a cost that will help and not hurt.

I am Michael Harris, the CAO, President, and Co-Owner of 
Harris Hosting. Along with my wife, Sandy, our sons Edward,
and Michael Jr.,

Thank You for visiting our site and we  hope that we can help you with your online hosting needs.

We operate a "We Business".
You will never be left alone to struggle with us. We will be here Together.

cpanel Packages(Examples only-Each package is Customized
to each Customer's needs.)

Basic cPanel

10MG Disc Space
10GB Bandwidth
5 MYSQL Databases
1 GB Data Transfer
1 Email Account
0- Sub Domains
0-Add On Domains
     $30.99 Yearly

Advanced cPanel

100 MB Disc Space
20 GB Bandwidth
10 MYSQL Databases
10 GB Data Transfer
5 Email Account
0- Sub Domains
0- Add On Domains
$34.99 Yearly

Adanced Pro cPanel

10GB Disc Space
100GB Bandwidth
25 MYSQL Databases
10 GB Data Transfer
10 Email Account
0- Sub Domains
0-Add On Domains
$40.99 Yearly

Platinum cPanel

Unlimited Disc Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited MYSQL Databases
Unlimited GB Data Transfer
Unlimited Email Account
Unlimited- Sub Domains
Unlimited-Add On Domains
         $45.99 Yearly

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