MSS_MAC Specialization Pages


There are pages created to maximize your advertising and set you apart from any affiliate selling the same thing you are. That one difference could make the difference making money or being lost in the crowd.


Funnels are designed to take a customer from one 
aspect of a website to another. It helps to keep
the customer engaged and explains just why a 
customer should buy from you.
It's like looking at a subway commercial. As 
you see different parts of making that sandwich, it
engages you and brings you to the sale.

Giveaways are used to reward a customer for giving
you their email address so you can market to them.


Reflector Pages
I call these Reflector Pages because their only 
purpose is to reflect a customer to the main sales 
page of an offer. It also helps to pre-qualify the 
customer because it gives a clear, precise example
of what they will have the opportunity to get or 
experience by just clicking the page. 
This also works well with affiliate offers because 
it allows you to get the first click, it allows you
to build your SEO, and it does not break the process 
of how most businesses online handle the delivery of 
a product and handle customer service.

90% of these sites are still active in cyberspace somewhere today.