About Us

We have come together to use our gifts, talents, experience,insights, abilities, skills and knowledge to create a complete Marketing Group under one roof. We are able to provide services that take you from your initial idea to a completed business plan , project or vision. A totally scalable model that you have total control of from start to finish. And we are able to do this at a very reasonable and competitive price that anyone can afford. 


Michael E. Harris, Sr., is our CAO- Chief Adventure Officer, who has over 35 years 
experience as a business owner. He is a Rental Management Owner who has managed as 
many as 100 units and more. He is the owner of Harrio's Fast Tax which has been in 
business for over 6 years. He has been in the income tax industry since he was a 
junior in High school where his Mother taught him the business. And Michael has also
been a very successful internet marketer for the last 8+ years. Michael is the Overseer of Abdeel Temple and has been in the ministry 27 years.He is the President of MSS-MAC and the Co-
Owner with his wife Sandra.
As the CAO of MSS-MAC Michael searches for the best programs and opportunities online
to help MSS-MAC continue to grow and thrive. Michael feels his main job is service as he strives to help any and all businesses, organizations, churches, clubs, organizations, and etc., develop and become the best they can be and meet their business goals. 

Sandra D. Harris, is the Co- President, Co- Owner, and Chief Administrator here at MSS-Mac. Sandra is also our Event Specialist where she organizes conferences, weddings, 
musicals, business seminars and more. If you have an event that needs to be successful,
Sandra is the right person to have overseeing it. Sandra has been in the job sector
for over 40 years. She has managed and operated the Abdeel Temple Food Ministry and 
Clothing Ministry, the after school feeding program for the children during the summer.
She is the Pastor of Abdeel Temple and has over 15 years in the ministry. 
Sandra's goal is to be the unexpected blessing that wasn't suppose to happen. As she 
presses and strives to be a constant help to mankind in any way she can. 
She is My Wife, the Mother of our Children, The Grand Mother, and My best Friend.

Edward Gwynn is our oldest son and Ed is the muscle behind MSS-MAC. Yes, someone has to do the heavy lifting and he handles that in a most excellent way. Ed works hand in hand 
with Sandy in the set up of any events they are overseeing. Ed has many years of 
experience in the health care industry and is a marketer as well. 
Ed is service oriented and takes pride in making sure anything he is involved with not only
be good and successful, but most excellent as well. 

Michael E. Harris, Jr. is our Graphics Creator. Mike Jr. has been drawing all his life.
From the time he was able to pick up a pencil and draw his first images he has been 
drawing ever since. He drew all through elementary school. He drew all through High School. And when he went to college his artistic ability enlarged itself through computers. 
Mike Jr. does everything from tatoo images, to logos, to cover art and more. If you can put it into words he can turn it into an image. Mike Jr is also a marketer as well. 
If you have an event, idea for a business or program, that you have been thinking about for a long time but had no idea where or how to start. We invite you to talk with us about your ideas and we will do our best to help you achieve you goal and dream. And if we find that we cannot help you, we have a network of people who probably can.